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Who Needs Economic Fundamentals When You Have Lode Runner?

  • 3 min read

Welcome to the State of the Earth — A source for cosmonauts, subterranean mole people, and everyone in between. Each *indeterminate amount of time* the State of the Earth Address will present perspectives on the issues of the day, news from around the globe, and tips on how to be less of a goose (just in case anyone needs those).



Having recently changed countless lives with a (self-described) masterful essay on the psychological benefits of mindfulness, MR. KOYA turns his all-seeing eye to economics this week.

Apple, a company who has done very little of note since releasing Lode Runner on its computer system in 1983, has shaken off the shackles of a global economic downturn and become the first US company to hit a market cap of $2 trillion. Other stocks that were previously tanking have also rallied, which seems a strange paradox as murmurings of worldwide recession and long-term unemployment persist.

If nothing else, stock markets are a good indicator of consumer confidence, so consumers must be really confident of a cheap and effective COVID vaccine, a global economic bounce-back, and a new release of Lode Runner.


After continued lockdowns, showdowns and shoulder-to-shoulder protests, politics has moved strangely… ‘safely’ back onto Zoom.

While Americans fear for the derailment of their trusted postal system come November elections, in other parts of the world, the mail people are under a different kind of attack.

An existential threat for the Australian postal system has started early this year… the Magpie aggression has already been unleashed. The suspicious bird has begun attacking its two favourite targets: posties and bald men training for half marathons.





They had a big pool party that basically said “suck it” to the world. And why not? They’ve done their time in lockdown and it’s summer in Wuhan.


around flair and confidence with all of the elegance and none of the narcissism.  When he awoke, he realised he wasn’t dreaming, but merely recalling.

Enter the sapeurs, a revered sub-culture of Congolese Gentlemen who have a passion for donning three piece suits and leather shoes despite societal circumstances. Far from aristocratic, their fashion is a physical and symbolic gesture of bold charisma and ownership of individuality. Snazzy bursts of colorful charm, an entire lifestyle and way of being is weaved within their garb. 

Labeling themselves as ‘atmosphere makers’ and ‘creators of ambience’, we could all learn a thing or two from the sapeurs.

Read more about the history of the sapeurs here:





Rising in status and yearning for that extra push? Come get cancelled.

An effective attention elevator since the beginning of time (like when Brutus and Cassius cancelled Julius Caesar himself), cancel culture has never been hotter. Now for a limited time sign up for public cancellation on a heavily debated outrage of your choice.


Fashion is all about silhouettes and shapes. So is the economy: you’ve got lines (the Linear Economy) and you’ve got circles (the Circular Economy).

The linear economy is a rampant beast: making, taking, and disposing. Landfill alert! This causes Earth Overshoot Day: the day when resource demand exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year (this year, 22 August).

The circular economy is shaped around capturing all outputs and turning them into inputs. Nothing is wasted! In fashion, a broader way to look at this is to question whether clothing should be supplied at all. Oh my gauze!

And don’t get us started on doughnut economics. Yeah, it’s a thing.  

Different fashion houses are aiming for sustainability in different ways. Rather than just recycling, it’s about rewiring our thinking to analyse the shape of the entire economy.

Know this though – if you’re one of those over-consumers who buys a shirt to only wear it once – we’ll find you and eat you.
Just kidding...but seriously.