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Corporate Ooze

  • 1 min read
– a city-wide festival featuring over 200 events including the upcoming Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.  WorldPride promotes and advocates for LGBTQIA+ human rights around the world, but it’s also a time when corporate entities tend to ooze out of the mire and cynically portray themselves as human rights champions, without having offered any previous useful actions that would further the cause. 

This is an annual spectacle known as “rainbow washing”, and it’s something MR. KOYA, as a multinational corporation that occasionally dabbles in arms dealing, military satellite deployment and targeted assassinations would never stoop to.

Having said that, when not destabilising democracies or hunting rhino for sexual gratification, MR. KOYA is a huge supporter of inclusion, celebrating love, friendship and healing past wrongs. So be sceptical about companies profiting from dodgy merch or performative rainbow logos, and take if from a murderous death cult like MR. KOYA: love is everything, and never give up the fight for equality.