We love making shirts...


...that have you basking in a post-coital glow. We combine quality and style with a healthy dose of irreverence.  

You know fashion can be a serious business - especially with the constipated scowling and pouting; the poses that manage to be both intense and vacant, like those of bad-tempered goats. 

End of the day, we make serious exceptions for the following:

#1 - The Rise of Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirts 

 Like the the trusty rubber band, you can depend on it for every occasion - from pub crawls to illuminati sex parties; and the fact that...

#2 – Style Loves Flavour

You don’t just boil a carrot. 

You salt and pepper that sucka. Slop some butter on it, dose it up with paprika, put some honey mustard glaze on it like a madman. At MR. KOYA, we feel that this barely-relevant metaphor applies to shirts too. It’s all in the seasonings baby.


Our Addiction to Better

Inspired by the South American Aplomado Falcon, we'll keep flying through the boundaries of what it takes to make an 11/10 shirt. A typical day means spending most of our time curating vibrant fabrics while continuously tweaking dyes and pattern construction to arrive at a garment which speaks for you.

For example pineapples...genius!


High thread count makes it soft & light, while quality construction makes it durable - also enhances one's ability to read Sanskrit. 


Redefining wearable art in collaboration with designers who lust for character & charm. 


Comfortable clothes that give ease to movement and nonchalance.   

The Creation Process

After we’ve curated the final designs for production here in Melbourne, they're sent off to our carefully selected manufacturer. By stroke of heavenly luck (and months of research, and interviews), we found our partner in Yiwu, China - just over 3hrs south-west of Shanghai.

Remember Ya'll

We treat La customer Familia' like Kings.  Unsatisfactory service enrages us, and we tend to take it out on pineapples.


With  free shipping, and  free returns, we promise that you’ll leave our store basking in a moist other-worldly glow of post-coital satisfaction. (We thought a lot about that line)


So put on a snappy shirt, eat a goddamn banana, and let’s get to it.