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Extendo Sleeve 9000

  • 2 min read

Hide Your Shame™️ with MR. KOYA’s All New Extendo Sleeve 9000. 


Arms, what are they good for really? Stringy appendages that floop from your sides like tired salamanders. Arms regularly appear in lists of Top 10 Most Overrated Limbs, and that’s why at MR. KOYA we’ve decided to cover those bad boys up.

Introducing the game-changing Extendo Sleeve 9000. 


MR. KOYA’s team of scientists have achieved the impossible, utilising a two-pronged approach to yield double the benefits. 

1. Protection

On any given day, a man finds himself susceptible to bird strike, karate chop, jellyfish sting and all matter of forearm dangers. Explosions, nuclear radiation, the list goes on and on. 

Whereas many shirt sleeves only reach the upper arm area, The Extendo Sleeve 9000 range ingeniously boosts the length of fabric to reach the wrist, thus offering impenetrable defence against every conceivable hazard. 

2. Charmification

It’s no secret that some of us have spindly forearms, maybe an elbow that looks like a baby’s face, or possibly a jailhouse wrist tattoo obtained while serving a short sentence for a non-violent white collar crime. 

Some things are just unavoidable right?


The Extendo-Sleeve 9000 gives you the opportunity to Hide Your Shame™️ under what is known in the biz as the “long sleeve”. Finally, a practical solution to mankind’s biggest and most enduring issue!

MR. KOYA’s new range of long sleeve shirts are lovingly created using Tencel, our favourite sustainable botanic fibre, and can even be worn in a quasi short sleeve style via a method known as “rolling up”.  Will the relentless advancement of technology never end?!

Check out MR. KOYA’s range of Extendo-Sleeve 9000s now.