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Recipe for Manhood

  • 2 min read

What makes a man?

Place all his ingredients in a pot and boil him down to an essence – what key elements do we discern in the modern gent?

In an age when a bloke can be too quickly judged by a perception of his beans rather than the content of his guacamole, we’ve provided a handy list of character items necessary for a well-rounded man/meatball.

Where's your Sizzle

Heat! It softens your onions, it fries your eggs, it rises your soufflé. In life, panache flows from within and exudes without – it’s an inner heat that keeps things classy.

Spice it Up

You don’t just boil a carrot. You salt and pepper that sucka. Dose it up with paprika, put some honey mustard glaze on it like a madman. Got some ground coriander? Sprinkle that shit. We believe this barely-relevant metaphor doesn't just apply to shirts – it applies to men too. It's all in the seasonings baby.


Ride that Flow

Tastes change, perspectives change, your opinion of pineapple on pizza changes - it’s good to keep moving and be open to new things (except for eggplant. F*ck eggplant). You’ll have your favourites, your tried-and-tested bangers, but a willingness to embrace a spectrums of tastes will truly enhance your depth of flavour.

Find your Substance

Finding strength in the knowledge of one’s own weakness; a fullness of self, unyielding to ego. Keeping it real on the inside and out, with integrity and perseverance. In life and in barbeque, with patience comes reward.


Risk Taker, Heart Breaker

You think that the first person to roll his dough into fettucine shape was celebrated? No! He was probably run out of town for creating such pasta sacrilege. But it’s the risk-takers that history remembers – those who are willing to turn away from the mainstream and create something new. Always remember the fettucine.


The Right Aesthetic Please

Sometimes in life, things might get a bit overcooked, and it’s often presentation that will get you over the line. Confidence borne of true authenticity goes a long way.


It is these elements that come together to form a successful whole – a man of zest, of style, and depth.

Ingredients for the modern man.


Yours sincerely,