Good Vibes are a Style Habit

Men, let's talk about our feelings. 

We won’t always admit it, but there are days when it’s all a bit meh.

Maybe sometime between your last night cap, and this morning’s bacon and eggs – the vibe’s been lost.

But good vibes are nothing but a habit. 


It’s strategy and it’s deliberate action.

When you look your most attractive and authentic, you can’t help but feel and perform better.

Women get this.

A man wears a shirt, because the fabric, the cut, and the way it sits on his shoulders – says something about him that can’t be expressed in language.

Similar could be said of women. The difference is that she will use her garment to create her own reality.

She’ll use it as a mood-enhancer – a memory boost for all those moments where she wore this piece of cloth and conquered the world. It’s behavioural conditioning.

Like a gorgeous genie, she'll substitute one essence for another, while expressing that to the rest of the world.

Putting aside equal pay, poor political representation and casual sexism – women definitely have a one-up on the boys here. 

Men have been robbed. But what are we actually chasing?

That feeling

 We can barely articulate it.

It’s when the world is that little bit more colourful. The trees, the sun, the clouds, the skies. Nature my old friend…where have you been?  

Sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations,. Nothing taken for granted. That feeling.  

Is it invincibility? Superiority? 

Not quite - your ego diminishes – clarity consumes you and good vibes sky rocket.

Conversational immersion is peaking. It’s the charm offensive.

The banter is glorious.  

Music shadows your every move…..fantastic.

It’s not just comfort and nonchalance.

Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you are a statement. A reflection of your mood, style, mindset and experiences.

And that’s where you might think of your favourite shirt.

The treasure

The go-to-garment. The main event headliner - there for you through thick and thin.

The cosmic gift; a result of a fashion-based Big Bang distilling of all the universe’s energy into the fibres of a perfect garment.

The cloth that understands your chest, shoulder, waist ratio better than you do.

Dat shirt dat got you bae.

The ensuing confusion when you can’t decide if you’re looking forward to the music, the intoxicants, the food, the company – or if you just want to get that shirt on again.

The shirt that reignites an ecstasy of charming memories and cheeky experiences.


So steal this strategy off the ladies and add it to your arsenal:

Great looking clothes attract attention and make you feel more happy and confident.

Both those traits together create the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world.

So find your favourite shirt

And enjoy life.

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