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Thank you 2020

  • 1 min read

As 2020 comes to a close, MR. KOYA is taking some time to reflect. We all can agree this year was a trip, but as Henri Matisse once said, ‘there are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Let’s acknowledge some of 2020’s effing flowers.


  • Thank you to the COVID tests. Who knew that waiting in line to have something inserted into an orifice would be so beneficial to mankind.

  • Thank you to Al Pacino for his performance in 1995’s Heat. Every 25 years people need reminding.

  • Thank you to cheese. You know why.

  • Thank you to the food delivery riders, for not obviously judging when having to transport an early morning burger from the café 40 steps away.

  • Thank you to the eucalypts, for not habitually exploding into a shower of volcanic embers, at least this month. Appreciate it.

  • Thank you to the US electoral process, for educating everyone on the health implications of having uncontrollably high blood pressure.

  • Thank you to the face mask + sunglasses combo, for allowing complete incognito stealth during routine grocery runs.

  • Thank you to the bosses and managers who were cool with audio-only Teams meetings this year. Solid.

  • Thank you to the inventors of QR codes. They knew deep down that one day the world would take them seriously.

  • Thank YOU. Thanks to anyone who has taken an interest in MR. KOYA this year (whether through donning a shirt, following the socials, or reading our periodic email chunderings). We appreciate you very much, and will see you in what can only be a much-improved 2021.