The public has been gagging for answers: Button-Up or Button-Down?

Wait… what’s the difference I hear you ask?

You’re bound to have a Button-Up in your wardrobe, it’ll have buttons going all the way to the top of the shirt. Your collar might be more formal in this case, with those little plastic or metal collar stays holding it in place - and yes it’s easy to lose them in the wash. On the other hand, your collar may have neither in place, moving with a certain flare – useful for big collars which may or may not work on Charlie Sheen.

But then Polo happened and the superstars of 1869 found their collars would flap in the wind and block their vision – leading to major horse pile-ups.

And thus came the Button-Down.  

Crucially, it means the collar is able to be fastened down to the shirt. When you arm yourself with the Button-down feature, it’ll sharpen the overall look while broadening the shoulders.

Do Remember: Approach features and other matters of the neck with appropriate style protection as if you were a medieval warrior on the battlefield.  We’re talking about the foundation of your beautiful head here.

Check out some great button-downs here

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