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Start Wearing Red

  • 2 min read

Achievement has no colour –Abraham Lincoln

That is unless you’re wearing red, and achievement means courting your next love.

Red is the colour of Cupid's arrows, Romance, Love, Sexuality, Lust, Fear, Courage, Danger, and Action.

It is’s the colour you see most often on Game of Thrones, and one of the reasons you watch Animal Planet.  

We can all agree though, it’s the colour of Attraction and it’s not just women who look more attractive and sought after in Red.


My lady in red

Fact - it works for men too

Experiments regularly find that women who viewed men either against a red backdrop or in red garments, found them more attractive. They also perceived they were of a higher social status. 

Straight up gangsta. The modern gentleman.



Well the colour red triggers a basic, primal response in humans as a signal of sexuality and fertility.

This occurs because the colour red signals health, status, and fertility in many animals as well.


"Hey babe..."

The same biological cues that influence our friends in the Animal Kingdom, also persuade Kimberly from HR to perceive you as better looking and of a higher status among men.

She’ll want to get to know you, get close to you, get passionate with you, and file a sexual harassment claim against you.

It's science people


So next time you’ve locked down that Tinder date, or you’re getting dapper for dinner night with the wife – you might think about wearing red.


Like a mad scientist, you’ll create chemistry. Like a born Romeo, you’ll be making love and not war.  

All the while brimming with confidence in your chosen threads, because there’s no more powerful aphrodisiac in the world than confidence.



While you’re wearing red – present a rose, sip red wine, and say the wordsJe t'aime de tout mon coeur.

Enjoy life.