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Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • 2 min read

What do a pop band and children’s books have in common? Nothing, or everything, depending on how you look at it. Today we harass former front-man of the multi ARIA nominatedBluejuice, Stavros Yiannoukas.

Little secret: Bluejuice’s breakout single “Vitriol” from 2007 still holds the record for the most played song on Triple J.


He's the Pope-looking one...

Getting to know you

So you are? A singerand author of an e-book called Elliot Foxley.I also do voice acting for a bunch of brands - a heap of fun, so I'd probably love to grow that into animation projects. 



Most hated interview question? Any question that was solely based on our Wikipedia page.

Describe yourself in 3 #hashtags:  I wouldn’t describe myself with any hashtag...

Music scene today?If anything, the last few years of my life have been about nostalgia, and listening to old favourites from my childhood. A natural reaction to adult hood I think, travelling back to the comfort of more innocent times.

Listening to:NBA podcasts mostly.A lot of 90s RnB and Hip Hop, peppered with some new stuff fromStormzy andDesiigner.My wife and kids’Spotify discoveries make up the rest. 



Your style philosophy?I don’t really have one but if you’re going to spend a bit of money, then do so on a statement piece, that you put together with more neutral things.

One awesome session player we got to play with us in Bluejuice on occasion, Zoe Hauptmann, went through a period where every piece of clothing on her body was a statement piece. She called itFeaturism - maybe she was onto something...

Your MR. KOYA shirt tucked in or tucked out?Tucked out.

Folded sleeves - Nah yeah or Yeah Nah?Yeah nah…

Favourite shirt: Party Popper, definitely. Even though I think thereare better people and body shapes to pull it off, it’s just a wild shirt and I like it.


Peeving:  The internet. Charles Barkley said “the internet is where losers go to feel important.” I’m never readingYouTube comments and all that – it’s basically a full-on moron orgy.

A place you’d rather be: My first instinct is Cyprus or around the Greek islands, because that’s where my family’s from. Then again I’ve never been to South America or Africa, so I feel like I need to do that too.


Your Super Secret Local:  It’s not a secret but The Henson is an incredible pub. Down the road one way is a brilliant cafe called Two Chaps, the other way is Henson Oval where you can go watch the Newtown Jets play which is super fun.

What should more people care about:  Community.

Just because

Humans or Apes?I feel like humans have got a great deal wrong. So it might be better to join the other side.

Fly or breathe underwater?  Breathe underwater, but then again I’m pretty scared of Jellyfish, Sharks, etc. I’ll go with that anyway.

Invisibility or immortality? Do I have eternal youth with immortality? Because then I’d do that. Invisibility feels a bit creepy.

Cheers Stavros you Glorious Legend,