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Hey Fake News, and welcome!


We live in Melbourne, and after a night of frenzied post-kebab fever dreams involving Heironymus Bosch and a trout, we decided we needed to create a men’s boutique fashion label. A label that would banish the boring, and dispense with the same old designs and poor fabric quality. We love shirts with personality, and so we created a range of character-driven shirts with fresh designs that are timeless in style.


MR. KOYA represents that modern gentleman who always has a story to tell. He’s human. He’s got panache. He knows how to eat an oyster, folks.


You don’t just boil a carrot. 

You salt and pepper that sucka. Slop some butter on it, dose it up with paprika, put some honey mustard glaze on it like a madman. At MR. KOYA, we feel that this barely-relevant metaphor applies to shirts too. It’s all in the seasonings baby.


After we’ve curated the final designs for production here in Melbourne, they're sent off to our carefully selected manufacturer. By stroke of heavenly luck (and months of research, and interviews), we found our partners in Yiwu, China - just over 3hrs south-west of Shanghai.

Meet the Team. 

Alexandra cut her teeth in accounting, both financial & environmental impact. After spending time designing energy software, she now spends most of her time running operations and bringing our shirts to life.

Omar used to shoot gigs for free tix and travel, but when he realised how much guitarist sweat he’d been involuntarily drinking, he began a career in venture capital instead. With an Emerging Leader award (Financial Review) in the bag, his one remaining life goal was to dress the entirety of mankind in super-cool shirts.

Yema loves button-ups and combines over lapping expertise of Keynesian economics with radical strategic marketing skillz. He hustled Pepsi in high school and once famously hand-carved a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurine out of parmesan cheese rinds.

Jamie joined the team as a creative writer, and was previously part of ARIA-nominated and platinum-selling band Bluejuice, but don’t hold that against him.


"Look after your crew and they’ll look after you."

We know we’re looking after our people well, but given the true environmental cost of the global fashion industry, we have goals to eliminate the part our shirts play in the mess. Our customers expect more, and we promise to keep you updated on our research and progress. It’s kinda like Super Mario – you don’t get to Yoshi’s Island without making it through Iggy’s Castle, and as we unlock the next level, you’ll be the first to know.

With free shipping , and free returns , our promise to all our customers is that they’ll be leaving our store basking in a moist other-worldly glow of post-coital satisfaction. In fact, unsatisfactory service enrages us, and we tend to take it out on pineapples. 

We created a gangsta’ rap web page for one customer whose package went walkabout. We knew his favourite soccer team and his name, so we thought this cheeky little rap would smooth things over.

Good ol’ Berkay went on to purchase 3 more shirts.

We’re only winning if we’re putting smiles on our customers’ faces.

At MR. KOYA, we depend on the FAQ Master 3000 to deliver our high levels of quality service,attention to detail, and customer care.

He’s all about the customer, just look at him.


For all press enquiries, contact: 

Renee Levis | | +61 400 349 681