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Roman Klonek

“Sayonara folks”.
Roman Klonek X MR. KOYA.
Limited Edition Release.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Tailored Slim Fit

From the Designer

I’m always in the search for experimental forms of narration. The stories are free of categorical specifications, neither temporally nor spatially clear.

Comparably perhaps most likely with a multi-layered sketchbook, which one may imagine here once the paper would be transparent and everything “drawn” a hopeless gibberish and confusion.

You have to know: I love to make a mess to clean it up afterwards. If it comes to an unexpected coincidence of two or more ideas (which often happens in a natural way), it may well happen that these encounters cause a moment of happiness in me because of their originality.

As far as the combination of ideas or picture elements is concerned, I like to move in the tradition of the so-called B-Movies, which are an alternative to the calculable mainstream cinema, with much more risk-taking and no consideration for conceptual rigor, often show the key features in telling stories – the moments of surprise.”


More about Roman

I was born in Katowice in Poland. In the 70s, when I was 3 years old, my family moved to Germany.

In Poland and also the first years in Germany we had no TV but my father had a passion for Super 8 films, he got a super 8 camera, a projector and a remarkable collection of super 8 cartoon movies.

The most of them were Polish and Russian ones. For example: “Bolek & Lolek", probably the most famous cartoon couple in Poland and "Nu pogady” – its like a counterpart to "Tom & Jerry" just instead of a cat and mouse, here we have a wolf and a rabbit.

These characters and styles were definitely my first big impacts and actually you can still see it in my most recent works.

In Germany, you can imagine it, I was soon addicted by Walt Disney, Tex Avery, The Muppets etc..

I started to invent my own characters and stories and I felt the great joy of inventing worlds and projection surfaces.

In the 90s I studies Graphic Arts in Dusseldorf, Germany and discovered my passion for woodblock printing.

From now on this should be my first choice for the realization of my ideas.

A passion that never diminishes in intensity until today.

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